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Central Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory

Irina Khamitova – Head of laboratory,

Phone number: (812) 232-31-55, email: ckdl@pasteurorg.ru

The Laboratory performs a wide range of laboratory tests required for assessing the health status of patients and the monitoring of applied therapy including high-technology examinations and top-class testing.

The staff of the Laboratory includes various specialities: PhDs in biological sciences, researchers, medical specialists and specialists of higher qualification grade.

High-level scientific and technological resources, many years of experience in clinical examinations, as well as modern high-tech equipment allow the laboratory to handle the most sophisticated objectives. The Laboratory practices clinical trials on new medications and conducts scientific and applied research in genetics, molecular biology, microbiology, virology, immunology, and related sciences.

The Laboratory is an active member of the Federal System of External Quality Assessment of Clinical Laboratory Testing. The inter-laboratory quality control is carried out every day. All equipment and materials are registered and certified in the Russian Federation.

Examinations carried out by the Laboratory:

General examinations:

  • Chemical and microscopic examinations (urine analysis, faeces, ejaculate (sperm), sputum, genital secretions);

  • Clinical biochemistry (ferments, substrates and products of biochemical reactions, individual proteins, electrolytes);

  • Hematology (clinical blood analysis, automatic analysis of blood cells);

  • Examination of the system of homoeostasis - system of blood coagulation and anticoagulation.

Cytological examinations:

- Diagnosis of diseases of the cervix.

Immune system examinations:

  • Lymphocytes phenotyping (in majority and minority subpopulations);

  • Detection of oxidative stress, phagocytic activity;

  • Detection of serum immunoglobulins (IgA, IgM, IgG, IgE);

  • Detection of complementary system components С3, С4, CIC (circulating immune complexes);

  • Fluorescent multiparametric analysis (detection of cytokines, hormones, markers of the acute phase of inflammation, oncological diagnosis, detection of apoptotic markers and angiogenesis;

  • Detection of cytokines and chemokines.

Serological examinations:

  • Detection of antibodies and agents of various infectious diseases,

  • Immunoblotting.

Biomolecular examinations:

  • PCR assay - polymerase chain reaction;

  • Diagnosis of primary immunodeficiency;

  • Study of genetic polymorphism;

  • DNA methylation analysis;

  • De novo sequencing and minor genomes resequencing;

  • Metagenomic analysis;

  • Sequencing of targeted panels and clinical exons;

  • Determination of the expression profile of active genes and target gene groups;

  • Complete genome sequencing;

Virological examinations:

- Diagnosis of viral infectious diseases.


- Quantitative analysis of the expression of proteins in cells.

Facilities and resources of the Laboratory:

  • BD FACSCanto II flow cytofluorimeter with the FACSLoader SPA II workstation;

  • MAGPIX System xPONENT 4.1 (Millipore) multiplex analyser of proteins and nucleic acids at the base of magnetic microspheres;

  • RX Daytona Automatic Biochemistry Analyser;

  • ABX PENTRA 60 Horida ABX Automatic Haematology Analyser;

  • Multiscan FC Immune System Analyser;

  • Illumina MiSeq Complete Genome Sequencing System, Illumina NextSeq Complete Genome Sequencing System;

  • PyroMark Q24 Genetic Analysis System (Qiagen);

  • MALDI-TOF (Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption-Ionization) system for the identification of micro-organisms at the base of the Microflex mass spectrometer (Bruker Daltonic GmbH);

  • GenomeLab GeXP One-Rail Genetic Analysis System (Beckman-Coulter);

  • iCycler iQ5 (Bio-Rad) Thermocycler for Nucleic Acids Amplification;

  • Olympus CX41RF, EUROStar, Leika Microscopes;

  • Clinitek Status Urine Analyser (Siemens);

  • Realite Coagulation Analyser.