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Laboratory of Experimental Virology

 Irina Lavrentieva –  Head of laboratory

 Doctor of Medicine

 Phone number: (812)232-94-11, email: lavrentieva@pasteurorg.ru

The scientific and practical activity of the Laboratory pursues several approaches.

I. The development of medicinal immuno-biological preparations (MIBP); biotechnology

The Orlov strain of rubella virus was obtained and patented (by V. Meshalova, I. Lavrentieva, 1995). The rubella vaccine production technology has been improved; an innovative technology for the preparation of measles-mumps-rubella vaccine (MMR) has been developed. Preparations for the diagnosis of viral infections are being developed.


II. The study of the preclinical safety and efficiency data for MIBP

- Preclinical study of vaccine strains of viruses in vitro and in vivo, and in particular in laboratory primates.

- Preclinical evaluation of adjuvants, chemotherapeutic agents.


III. Genetic and biomolecular studies, molecular epidemiology

The study of current viral infections dissemination; the influence of preventive vaccines on the adaptive variability of viruses. Genetic and biomolecular study of the genome structure of current vaccine and epidemic viruses.


IV. International activity

- Participation in the Russia-Guinea cooperation project "Improvement of epidemiological surveillance of measles in the Republic of Guinea in the framework of the implementation of the WHO measles elimination program" (2015-2017).

- Participation in the Regional Centre for the Epidemiological Surveillance of Measles and Rubella in the Northwestern Federal District of the Russian Federation.


Laboratory specialists:

- deposited 4 authenticated virus strains to the National Collection of Pathogenic Viruses; transmitted an authenticated human diploid cell line to the National Collection of Cell Lines;

- was granted by 8 patents for invention from the Russian Federation;

- developed reference documentation for a range of diagnostic and vaccine products;

- deposited 14 RNA sequences of the rubella virus isolate and 8 DNA sequences of the parvovirus isolate В19 (PV B19) to GenBank (National Institute of Health, USA);

- In total between 2009 and 2016 one Doctorate thesis and one PhD thesis have been defended; three monographs, two analytical reviews have been prepared, more than 40 publications came out in the leading Russian scientific media.