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Laboratory of Biomolecular Technologies

Olga Freilikhman - Head of laboratory

Phone: (812) 232-01-08, office 323, email: freilikhman@pasteurorg.ru

The Laboratory of Molecular Biological Technologies is a structural unit of the Institute which was created in 2016 within the Department of New Technologies.


Key Focus Areas of the Laboratory:


- the study of the characteristics of the "epidemic genotype" of infectious agents;

- the study of markers of the course and prognosis of infectious diseases;

- the study of the differential expression of pathogenicity factors and persistence of microorganisms in infectious diseases;

- the study of the peculiarities in the interaction of infectious agent and macroorganism at the level of the factors of the innate immunity.

Practical aspect:

- the manufacture and development of Diagnostic Test Systems for the detection and typing of infectious agents in humans and animals using real-time PCR and PCR methods;

- the use of molecular biology methods to cover the diversity of biotechnological research of the Department of New Technologies;

- the adaptation of various methods of molecular biology in order to widen the possibilities of diagnosing infections;

- the creation of screening and typing systems using biomolecular methods upon request.


- the integration of students, doctoral and Master students into research within the Laboratory;

- courses and training sessions for specialists from other laboratories of the Institute seeking to update and acquire working methods with real-time PCR.