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Microbial biotechnologies and socio-economic development opportunities was discussed in Morocco

The 5th International Congress of the Moroccan Association of Microbiology "Microbial Biotechnologies and Socio-Economic Development Opportunities" was held in Ifran, Morocco, on October 16-18, 2019. Dr Igor Mokrousov, Head of the Laboratory of Molecular Epidemiology and Evolutionary Genetics of the Institute, made a plenary talk on the topic “The emergence and spread of epidemic strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis: the role of pathogenomics of the pathogen and population migration”.

Furthermore, during his visit to Morocco, Dr. Mokrousov took part as an official member of jury for examination of the PhD thesis defended by Ms Amal Oudghiri at University of Tanger. He also visited research centers in Casablanca and Rabat. The published results and possible joint projects in the field of molecular epidemiology of tuberculosis were discussed with Dr M. D. El-Messaoudi and Prof. M. Khyatti (laboratory of mycobacteria and tuberculosis of the Pasteur Institute in Casablanca) and with Prof. M. El Mzibri and Dr I. Chaoui (Department of Life Sciences at the Center for Scientific Research in the Field of Nuclear Energy in Rabat).


Web site of the Congress: http://www.amm.ma/


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