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Russian and Norwegian scientists continue to build capacity in the fight against vector-borne infections

On October 17-18, 2019 the international meeting on the joint project with the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (Oslo) “Emerging infections: Capacity building on vector-borne infections in the Barents region, Norway and Russia-phase I” was held in the Institute.

The meeting was chaired by the Director of St. Petersburg Pasteur Institute, Academician of RAS, Professor Areg Totolian and Head of the Laboratory of Zooanthroponotic Infections, Professor Nikolai Tokarevich. Deputy Director of the Institute Vladimir Dedkov, Researcher of the Laboratory of Zooantroponozes, Yulia Panferova, and Junior Researcher of the Laboratory of Zooantroponozes, Elena Suzumova took part in the meeting. The Norwegian side was represented by the Project Manager, Senior Researcher of the Department of Virology at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Åshild Kristine Andreassen, Senior Researcher of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Rose Vikse, and Senior Advisor of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Elena Torgersen.

Welcoming the participants, Areg Totolian said, “Today is the third meeting on the joint Project this year (the first took place in March, and the second in April, as part of the “Arctic: Territory of Dialogue” 5th International Arctic Forum).” Academician Areg Totolian also noted that St. Petersburg Pasteur Institute had a Scientific and Methodological Center for the Surveillance of Pathogens of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases of II-IV Pathogenicity Groups in the North-West Federal District of Russia. In particular, the Center coordinates the work within the framework of a scientific cooperation agreement with the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

Nikolai Tokarevich spoke about the work done within the Project, the territories where biological material was collected, as well as about interaction with representatives of these territories and the organizational aspects of the joint work. At the meeting, Elena Suzumova presented the results of the study conducted in 2019.

On the second day of work, the participants summed up the results of the meeting, identified the areas and prospects of Russian-Norwegian cooperation for 2020.

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