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Anna Afinogenova has received the Honorary Diploma of the 14th International Conference “Infectious Diseases, Prevention and Control” in Dubai (UAE).

On March 21-22, 2019, the 14th International Conference “Infectious Diseases, Prevention and Control” was held in Dubai (UAE).

Over 300 researchers, doctors, PhD students and students from various countries of the world (United Arab Emirates, Russia, India, Great Britain, Australia, Ukraine, Malawi, Canada, Egypt, Singapore, USA, Oman, etc.) attended the Conference, which is held each year in various cities of the world.

Mohamad Miqdady, Professor at the Cleveland Clinic (USA), Caroline Bilen, leading specialist of the Compass Health Consultancy, (UAE) and Anna Afinogenova, the Head of Laboratory Centre of Saint-Petersburg Pasteur Institute (Russia) attended the Opening Ceremony. Their welcome presentations were devoted to the problem of the development and spread of infectious diseases in the world. They focused on the spread of antibiotic resistance, methods to prevent and overcome it in the medical, biological and pharmaceutical industries.

In her welcome speech Anna Afinogenova also addressed such issues as the spread of the antibiotic resistance, especially in the surgical hospitals, the new tactics for treating patients with infectious complications caused by gram-negative bacteria producing metallo-β-lactamases.  In addition she made an oral presentation “The search for inhibitors of gram-negative bacteria’s metallo-β-lactamase in model system” at the scientific session.

Oral presentations of the Conference were devoted to assessing the results of monitoring hospital microbiota, issues of overcoming resistance to antibiotics, developing new influenza vaccines, to clinical standards for ensuring patient safety in surgical hospitals and effectiveness of measles vaccination. The design of an epidemiological survey, as well as the development of new antimicrobials and search for their action targets were also discussed in a number of presentations.

The Forum of young scientists from different countries was held during the conference.

Participation in the conference was useful for understanding the global strategies of combating antibiotic resistance, as well as building the capacity of  St. Petersburg Pasteur Institute in monitoring the spread of antimicrobial-resistant isolates, diagnosing their antibiotic  sensitivity, assessing the design of epidemiological surveys and searching for new targets for modern antimicrobials development.

Anna Afinogenova has received the Honorary Diploma of the Conference for outstanding scientific contribution in the field of prevention and control of infectious diseases.

We would like to congratulate our colleague on a well deserved award!

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