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Olga Kanaeva took part in the 2nd International StaPa Retreat in Athens

Olga Kanaeva, the researcher at the Laboratory of Etiology and Control of Viral Infections, took part in the 2nd International StaPa Retreat, which was held from June 21st to 24th in Athens (Greece) with the poster presentation “Enteroviruses isolated from Children in the North-West of Russia”.

65 young researchers from Institut Pasteur of Paris, Greece, Tunisia and St. Petersburg took part in the event.

The Conference Programme reflected all aspects of research programs carried out at the Institut Pasteur International Network: microbiology, immunology, bioinformatics, biophysics, molecular biology, neurobiology. It included 18 oral and 42 poster presentations.

Key lectures were presented by 4 speakers from Institute Pasteur (Paris) and Institut Pasteur Hellenique.

The conference covered a wide range of topics: antibiotic resistance, development of new vaccines and medicines, fighting infections (viral hepatitis, measles, influenza, flaviviruses, bacterial infections), research and implementation of miRNAs, stem cells, brain cells, improved laboratory diagnostics, the study of metabolic features leading to various non-infectious diseases (Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases), tissue regeneration and aging, metabolic features of pathogenic microorganisms that can be used to combat them, the use of biophysical methods to solve biological problems, the search for new experimental models for infectious and noninfectious process modeling and much more.


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