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Scientists of St. Petersburg Pasteur Institute have conducted a planned stage of the joint research in Vietnam

From 8 to 27 April 2018, within the framework of the Russian-Vietnamese Cooperation Program, the leading researcher of the Laboratory of Molecular Epidemiology and Evolutionary Genetics Olga Kalinina and the junior researcher of the Laboratory of Viral Hepatitis, Eugenia Lichnaia conducted a planned stage of the joint research "Seroepidemiological and molecular epidemiological study of viral hepatitis in Vietnam" in the Russian-Vietnamese Tropical Research and Technology Center (Hanoi).

During this business trip the expedition to collect biological material and conduct a survey of the population aged 18-29 years was organized. In April, 700 students of the University in the province of ThaiNguyen were surveyed. In the laboratory of the Tropical Center (Hanoi) 700 samples of blood serum collected in the ThaiNguyen province were screened for the presence of serological and molecular markers of HBV, HCV,HDV with  Russian test kits, which have international certificates.

The results of HBV, HCV and HDV prevalence, the presence of postinfection and postvaccinal immunity against HBV among practically healthy persons aged 18-29 in the province of ThaiNhuyen, as well as the epidemic situation in Viet Nam on viral hepatitis with the parenteral mechanism of transmission were discussed at the meeting of the Institute of the Tropical Medicine (Tropical Center, Hanoi).

The second expedition, scheduled for October-November 2018, in order to collect biological material (at least 500 blood samples) and conduct a survey of the university students aged 18-29 was discussed and agreed on.

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