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In March 2018 in the framework of scientific and technical cooperation programme between Russia and Vietnam the researchers of St. Petersburg Pasteur Institute visited Institut Pasteur in Ho Chi Minh City

During the business trip Alexander Semenov, Head of the Laboratory of HIV Immunology and Virology, Igor Mokrousov, Head of the Laboratory of Molecular Epidemiology and Evolutionary Genetics and Olga Kanaeva, Researcher of the Laboratory of Etiology and Control of Viral Infections, met with the Administration of IP in Ho Chi Mihn City, visited research and clinical departments, assessed the technical capacity of the Institute for implementation of the Cooperation Programme which includes joint study of HIV infection, viral hepatitis, measles, exanthemal infections, bacterial and viral enteric infections, and advanced training programmes for the Socialist Republic of Vietnam health workers.

Laboratory facilities of Institut Pasteur in Ho Chi Minh City for the collection of HIV isolates, viral hepatitis, measles, enterovirus, parvovirus B19, M. tuberculosis strains, its storage, isolation of DNA/ RNA were explored, join collaboration project were prepared, collaboration plan for 2018 were discussed and the epidemic situation of socially significant infections in Vietnam and South-East Asia were introduced.

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